Jewelry Care

Making your cherished jewelry shine like new again 

By visiting your jeweler every six months you ensure the prongs are in proper alignment to hold all stones properly in place and can have your gems and precious metals thoroughly cleaned using professional products.

Please stop by our shop at 6731 Frank Lloyd Wright Ave, Middleton WI, 53562 or contact us at (608) 203-5195 to make an appointment. We look forward to serving you.

  • Keep your stone clean. Certain stones are more likely to collect dirt and debris, and all stones and precious metals benefit from regular cleaning. Your Bauer Jewelry Designs consultant will help you understand the best care schedule for your custom pieces.

  • Protect your precious metals and gems from undue wear and tear by storing them in a lined jewelry box when not in use.

  • Take your jewelry off when washing dishes or cleaning. Commercial soaps and cleaning products can affect the adhesive used to secure stones to the setting, causing shifting or loosening over the long-term. Some cleansers are also harmful to certain stones or precious metals.

  • Take advantage of regular check-ups to secure your settings and to maintain the fine polish of your precious metals.

How to care for gems and precious metals

We want your special piece to last a lifetime. We invite you to stop by for your complimentary six-month check up and follow these simple tips to ensure your jewelry shines for years to come.