• Next, we cast the design in the precious metal of choice using the old world technique of “lost wax” casting. Lost wax casting, or “cire perdue” in French, is a traditional 18th century sculptural technique that allows an artisan to cast metal in various forms using a carved wax mold.
  • Once the cast is complete, we polish the precious metal, set the diamonds/gems and apply any applique work by hand.
Our unique designs are created just for you: 
  • In the creation of your design we use modern technology and old world techniques in craftsmanship.  Dependent on the type of your design we may hand carve a wax for your viewing or provide a Matrix CAD design with a wax carving from a 3D printer.

Custom Designs

Bauer Jewelry Designs is dedicated to providing customers with the finest custom creations and the absolute best customer care.